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22.05.2019 - 05.06.2019

(Polski) wernisaż: 22.05.2019 , godz. 19.00
miejsce: Krupa Gallery Studio


According to Oskar Hansen, the role of the architect in shaping space lies primarily in creating a “background for events”, and architecture is designed to expose people and their activities.

Home alone talks about relationships with architecture, about the creation and exploitation of urban or private spaces that we miss. The exhibition has become a pretext for telling stories, burying in memories, positive ones, but also traumatic ones.

Visual loans, such as color combinations occurring in public institutions or apartments in the 90’s, create a welcoming space that provides visitors with the feeling of being welcomed. However, postmodern architecture is characterized above all by chaos, assumptions that are not subject to the spirit of time or technical progress. At that time, the context, mood and, finally, the personal preferences of the architect and investor were important.

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