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Krupa Gallery focuses on highlighting the current condition of the contemporary young art scene in Poland and Eastern Europe by representing diverse groups of emerging artists with an emphasis on socially engaged themes. It seeks to be an international platform actively supporting collaboration between artists and curators.

The gallery aims to develop its mission abroad, so it organises exhibitions and promotes artists by participating in international exhibitions and art fairs, as well as by building networks within the international art world.

Since 2019, Krupa Gallery is expanding its curatorial explorations with exhibitions in Wroclaw, Poland, and expanding its program by initiating pop-up projects in various locations, within partnerships with other art platforms in Warsaw. 

Our passion and exploration pushed us to create our sister institution Krupa Art Foundation which is an independent centre devoted to contemporary art. While operating from Wrocław, it promotes new phenomena in art mainly from Poland and Central Europe, presents exhibitions and projects devoted to contemporary art and culture in Poland and abroad, expanding the field of artistic experimentation. An important aspect of the Foundation’s mission is to disseminate knowledge about art through educational activities, debates, and lectures about contemporary culture.

The Foundation has a special programme – ART PARTNER –  addressed to business clients, which is intended to foster cooperation of the private sector and the business world with the field of ​​culture and art.

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The Krupa Gallery team:

dr Katarzyna Młyńczak-Sachs
Director of Krupa Gallery

Natalia Barczyńska

Antoni Burzyński

Anna Stec
Curator/ Communications

Marta Ostrowska-Drabczyk
Director of Art Partner Programme


The Krupa Gallery cooperates with curators from Poland and abroad, including:
Paulina Olszewska
Michalina Sablik
Stach Szabłowski

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