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July - September 2021

venue: Krupa Gallery, Plac Jana Pawła II, 50-043 Wrocław
partners: Makima Group, i2 Development, Black Bridge

graphic design: Magdalena Jaskułowska

Krupa Gallery Summer Stage 2021

The Krupa Gallery Summer Stage is a series of exhibitions and accompanying cultural events held during the holiday season in the gallery’s temporary seat on the Old Town Boulevard in Wrocław. The programme focuses on the presentation of young artists and new, interesting phenomena in art.

The project emerged out of the desire and need to look for solutions that would promote and popularise contemporary art and actively support artists’ work and development. The purpose of the initiative is also to promote cooperation between the private sector and the field of culture and art.

The Krupa Gallery Summer Stage is organised in cooperation with the Makima Group. Selected works featured at the exhibitions will be purchased for the Krupa Gallery Foundation collection.


9.07 – 22.08. 2021
Veronika Hapchenko, Paweł Olszewski, Alicja Pakosz
If Wishes Were Like Fish, Everyone Would Put Nets
Curator: Antoni Burzyński

24.07 -22.08.2021
Monika Konieczna
Locus Amoenus (Pleasant Place)
Curator: Anna Stec

September 2021
TIFF Festival

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