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Radek Brousil

Radek Brousil

Radek Brousil is a Czech artist currently living and working in New York and Prague. He works predominantly with
textiles, alongside ceramics, film, photography and video. His themes address social testimony, presenting an activist expression on an uncertain future. Brousil defines social, cultural and environmental problems using unexpected interpretations and
terminology, and chooses rather to look at these issues on a symbolic, personal and emotional level. His interest focuses on post-colonial tendencies in contemporary artistic discourse, for example, his investigation into the issue of the origin and
distribution of flowers or textiles. Through his work with textiles, Brousil emphasises their Czech origin and African destiny, enabling him to highlight the problems of market economy and its power structures. Radek Brousil graduated from the Studio
of Photography at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where he is currently continuing his doctoral studies. In 2015 he received the Oscar Čepan Award for Young Visual Artists. His work is included in local and international private
and institutional collections.


Łukasz Stokłosa Radek Brousil

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