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Krupa Art Foundation will be a new, independent centre devoted to contemporary art. While operating from Wrocław, it will promote new phenomena in art in Poland and elsewhere.

The seat of the Krupa Art Foundation is emerging in the very centre of Wrocław, in a tenement house once occupied by the Dresdner Bank and the Under the Golden Cup department store. The establishment of an art foundation marks a new stage in the history of the building and adds a new value to the space of the Market Square in Wrocław, thus contributing to the city’s cultural life. The foundation proposes a new model for the functioning of artistic institutions in Poland, based primarily on private patronage.

The foundation was founded by Piotr and Sylwia Krupa, businesspeople and art lovers from Wrocław. Their passion for contemporary culture has prompted them to establish a new institution whose mission is to support artists, promote intellectual exchange and popularise the achievements of outstanding Polish artists. This model of supporting culture leaves plenty of room for independent artistic and research activities.

The foundation will present both works of Polish art of the 20th and 21st centuries from the private collection of Sylwia and Piotr Krupa as well as a programme of exhibitions and events devoted to the most recent phenomena in art.

The permanent exhibition will feature some of the most outstanding works of Polish art created since the 1940s, complementing in this way the canon presented in Wrocław museums.

Exhibitions and projects devoted to contemporary art and culture in Poland and abroad will be presented in the temporary project space, expanding the field of artistic experimentation.

An important aspect of the Krupa Art Foundation’s mission is to disseminate knowledge about art through educational activities, debates and lectures about contemporary culture.

The opening of the Krupa Art Foundation seat in the Market Square in Wrocław is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

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