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ART PARTNER is a programme created out of the desire and need to search for solutions to actively support artists’ work and development as well as to promote and popularise contemporary art.
We want to share art with the business community – feature young artists in office spaces, develop the audience of contemporary art while contributing to the creation of a new market for works of art, thus helping young, talented artists to take the first steps in their professional careers.


The ART PARTNER programme is run by the Krupa Gallery Foundation. We are looking for good works by young and talented graduates of academies of fine arts, which will be purchased for the Foundation’s collection. We use the acquired works to plan exhibitions held in office spaces.

The programme is open to all entities wishing to support art and culture while promoting the practice of young artists.

In the longer term, we hope that we will encourage partner companies to become more interested in art, actively participate in the art market, educate their employees in this field or act as art patrons.


Detailed information about the programme:

Dr Katarzyna Młyńczak-Sachs
President of the Krupa Gallery Foundation
+48 691 848 309


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